We have specialist expertise in a number of areas which we are willing to offer schools, organisation, clusters and networks.

Online Learning

NetNZ has a long history in the provision and leadership of online programmes of learning for schools across New Zealand. We have extensive expertise in how effective online learning happens in and across schools, and how inter-school collaboration results in flexible and personalised pathways for learners and develops teachers’ pedagogical toolkit.

Blended Learning

We have expertise in how to develop blended approaches to learning that harness the best of online and face-to-face learning to enable flexible approaches to learning. We have extensive knowledge of the platforms and technologies that best enable blended learning, but more importantly we understand how to best align blended learning with effective pedagogical approaches.

‘Communities of Schools’

We have extensive experience and expertise developing systems and structures that allow emerging clusters of schools to grow into vibrant, sustainable, ‘communities of schools’. We have a deep understanding of how communities of schools function and  have previously provided mentoring and other support to many of the VLN Community eLearning clusters.  NetNZ has run projects at both a secondary and primary level for teachers and students across our schools. The concept of networked schooling, where teachers, students and whanau connect and work together is the foundation of all we do.

Knowledge Building

NetNZ is closely aligned with Knowledge Building New Zealand, a new association dedicated to the development of knowledge building approaches to learning. Knowledge Building recognises that all ideas are improvable and owned by a community of learners. It promotes open-ended, exploratory approaches to learning that develop student agency. Knowledge Building is a core aspect of NetNZ’s intent to develop innovative approaches to learning, whether fully online or blended.


NetNZ has a deep understanding of the platforms and technologies that enable approaches to learning across schools. We have supported schools, teachers and students in the implementation of shared learning management systems, Google Apps for Education and recently Google+, the use of various other web 2.0 tools for developing online learning, as well as the technical infrastructure schools need to make networked learning happen.

If you would like to use our expertise make contact using the form below and outline what you need

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