Term Three and Four: Enrol in Scholarship Tutored Classes

Scholarship Tutored Classes involve a series of after-school and evening, structured weekly tutorials delivered during Terms 3 & 4 by experienced scholarship teachers using Google Hangouts and other online technologies (email, Google+, Google Drive). The day and time of tutorials can be found at http://tinyurl.com/SPTimetable. This is a ‘user pays’ model with  money paid being used to employ the Tutor Teachers involved in the SP Mentored programme.


Enrol for Scholarship Mentoring below


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“What does the Scholarship Programme Cost?”

  •  In order to pay the Scholarship Tutor Teachers, there is a cost to participate in the Scholarship Programme. The charges are as follows:

  •  Learners enrolled at a school who are non-NetNZ members: $200 (inc GST) per student for each Scholarship Mentored Class they do

  •  Learners who are currently not enrolled at a school pay $200 (inc GST) for each Scholarship Mentored Class they do

  •  Learners enrolled at a school who are NetNZ members: $160 (inc GST) per student for each Scholarship Mentored Class they do

  •  Learners enrolled for Scholarship Mentored Class will also be enrolled in the relevant community at no extra charge (the $20 registration fee is included in this cost)

(NetNZ members from Otago and Southland – previously Otago University have  fully sponsored your students’ participation in the scholarship  programme. Although the University has been indicated that this sponsorship is likely to continue again this year, it hasn’t definitely been confirmed, nor has the level of funding sponsorship been finalised. There is a possibility that Otago and Southland enrolments will have to pay the same as $160 as other NetNZ enrolments , or part-payment of this. Details will be circulated as soon as we definitely know the whether the programme will received sponsorship, and the level of sponsorship. If enrolments are fully sponsored again this year,  then students will be required to pay a single $50 ‘SM deposit’ which will be fully refunded on the satisfactory participation in the SM programme.

We have a current list of NetNZ member schools, as well as details of how to join NetNZ.
“What Scholarship Mentored Classes are available?”]We intend to offer the following subjects: Accounting, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, , Economics, English, French, Geography, History, Media Studies, Music, Physical Education, Physics, Statistics,  Technology and if there is sufficient demand any other subject that is available at Scholarship Level.
“How do I enrol?”Learners can enrol in the  Scholarship Programme by completing our online enrolment form.  NetNZ will contact your school and confirm how your place is being paid for.  If you are a “home schooler”, NetNZ will contact you directly.[/acc_item]

“How can teachers get involved?”If you are a NZ registered teacher and you would like to express an interest in joining a Scholarship Mentoring Student Community and/or tutor a mentored class then register below. Both options are a great opportunity to experience an online environment for learning. Communities are a light way to offer some help to students, but also allows you you to connect with like minded teachers[/acc_item]