NetNZ Institute

The NetNZ Institute is our research, professional learning and knowledge building body. It’s mission is:

  • To build a sustainable, knowledge building environment for teachers to build capacity in ‘connected’ approaches to online learning,

  • To develop teachers’ capacity as practitioner researchers,

  • To create and disseminate new knowledge and research that will not only guide practice, but inform policy.

NetNZ Institute Micro-credentials

We have a range of Micro-Credentials available designed to develop teacher capability in different areas of online learning. Each is supported by a flexible programme designed by Emeritus Professor, Kwok Wing Lai, and an ongoing community of practice. All programmes use knowledge building principles and approaches. Anyone is welcome to register and participate in the communities of practice, and not complete the accompanying Micro-Credential. Those that want the Micro-Credential will need to demonstrate their knowledge. All badges are stored in and can be used in a range of contexts.


Online Teaching

A foundation micro credential in online teaching and learning. Recommended to anyone new to the environment, or as a base to build from.
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Engaging Learners Online

Explore the theory and practice in motivating and engaging in online learning
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Dialogic Teaching

Explore ways you can engage learners using online discussion
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Self-Regulation and Metacognition

Explore how to support online learners to develop metacognitive awareness and high thinking skills
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$NZ $250 / Per Micro-Credential
  • Up to 30 hours to complete
  • Understand / Plan / Implement
  • Two weeks trial available for each
  • Funding available for Nex Members

Teacher Inquiry I: Understand

The first in a series of micro-credentials supporting inquiry into a puzzle of practice. Understand.
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Teacher Inquiry II: Planning

The second teacher inquiry micro-credential explores planning for implementation of a new practice
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Teacher Inquiry III: Evaluate

The third teacher inquiry micro-credential explores the evaluation stage of implementing a new practice
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Intercultural Language Teaching

Explore the ways of integrating culture and language learning
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Self and Peer Assessment

Explore the theory and practice and self and peer assessment in the online environment
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Our Team
Emeritus Professor Kwok Wing Lai
Director and Lead Facilitator
Wing was a high school economics and political science teacher in Hong Kong before pursuing his postgraduate training in educational technology in Canada. He then came to Dunedin as a lecturer in computers in education in 1986, and was appointed Professor of Education in 2007. He has designed several distance learning programmes for the Otago University Faculty of Education as well as the UOCE, including the Master of Teaching and Doctor of Education programmes. He has published widely in ICT in education andonline teaching and learning and his current research focuses on knowledge building communities. Wing is a Director and Lead Facilitator for the NetNZ Institute.
  • Darren Sudlow
    Director and Support Facilitator
    Darren is Executive Leader for NetNZ, with oversight all educational and business operations. He has extensive experience in the application of technology and the internet in education including roles as Director of eLearning at Marlborough Girls’ College, ePrincipal of Cantatech (2008) and CantaNet (2011), and project leader of the Southern Central Divide Regional ICTPD Cluster. He has a passion for future focused education and in particular ‘connected’ approaches to learning that embrace use of the internet innovate. He is also a founding member of Knowledge Building New Zealand, an association dedicated to the promotion of knowledge building and connected approaches to learning, and has facilitated a number of workshops on the topic.
    Philippa Mallinson
    Philippa is a Visual Art teacher at Westland High School in Hokitika. She also teaches Art History online for NetNZ. She has a strong interest in how digital technology can be leveraged to make learning more accessible in face to face and online learning. She is passionate about Knowledge Building Communities and the potential this has to empower learners and create authentic learning opportunities. Philippa completed a post graduate certificate endorsed in Digital and Collaborative Learning in 2018, and in 2019 she undertook study leave to complete a Master’s Thesis titled ‘How can knowledge building communities be developed in New Zealand secondary schools?‘. Philippa is currently a lead teacher for a network of expertise