A Learning Exchange

At the heart of all we do is a learning exchange. By contributing teachers or resourcing, schools are able to enrol learners into any programme in the exchange. Anyone can participate though. Whether school or individual. Everyone is a part of a reciprocal environment. NetNZ leads this environment, ensuring quality learning experiences through partnership with participating schools.

Teachers benefit from a diverse online community, connecting with colleagues across New Zealand while maintaining ties to their local communities.

Students benefit from interacting with peers from different regions, learning to engage constructively online while appreciating the value of local connections.

Find the best way to partner with us

Pay as you Go

Enrol students with no commitment. Anyone can enrol, whether student, school, parent or adult.

$1650 per enrolment (full year) 

Or pay in 0.02 Staffing (for schools)

Teaching Partnership

Become members, then partner with us by providing one or more courses, receiving 12 enrolment places back for each course. We support the development of your teacher(s) and eDean (onsite support).

12 enrolments (full year) 

Learner Only Partnership

Become members and receive a discount for a block of six enrolments. We support the development of a local teacher to become eDean (onsite support).

6 enrolments (full year)

Pay in 0.1 staffing or in equivalent cash

Become a Member

The ideal way of participating is to become a part of the community and fully immerse your school in all the opportunities networked education brings. Join the NetNZ community and maintain membership by paying an annual subscription of $1985 (GST Ex).

Benefits of Membership:

  • Guaranteed places in NetNZ courses – up to six places for each  0.1 EFTT  staffing offered,  and twelve places for each full year programme offered by the school
  • Discounted exchange value for enrolments
  • The enrolments of members are always accepted before non-members enrolments (- these  are subject to us having spare room in a programme)
  • Wrap around systems are in place for the management and support of ALL participating learners and teachers
  • Professional development of your teacher(s)
  • Access to member only networked events
  • Each participating staff member becomes a part of a networked community across schools. They are able to participate in staff events, opportunities, hui and workshops.
  • Voting rights in the election of the Trustees and Directors of NetNZ, and have ‘voice’ in the development and future direction of NetNZ

How does it work?

NetNZ programmes usually comprise 10-20 learners from between 5-12 schools from across New Zealand.

Each course has an online hub, using Google Spaces or Mattermost, which acts as the focal point for asynchronous learning and interaction. The hub centralises all learning, encompassing activities, resources, communication, discussion and collaboration. Each school has a learning support person (an eDean) who provides on-site support for learners and acts as a point of contact for the online teacher.

All programmes run a once a week synchronous or real time session of 60 minutes where all learners gather with their teacher(s) using Google Meet. Teachers increasingly use synchronous technology in more flexible ways, especially in providing one-to-one support or to gather a group of learners together for a specific reason.