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We have a full range of programmes, whether secondary or primary, full year or modular. You can jump straight into our learning exchange and browse by using ‘Journey’ or have a look through the list below. All programmes are provided by our member schools as part of a learning exchange or through our partner network, Kōtui Ako.

Developed by former NetNZ, Opihi College and Catlins Area school student, Alicia Staniford

Featured Courses

New for 2024 – Senior Creative Writing

So, you think you can write?

New Course for 2023: Asian Language and Culture

This is an introduction to Asian cultures and customs, with a taster of Japanese and Korean language learning for year 5-8.

Course: Gaming, Film & Literature

Explore how video games have been influenced by literature and film….

Course – Thematic Studies: Communism

An exploration of communism…

Course: Criminal Minds

A study of crime and the criminal mastermind….

Course: Creative Writing

For those who love to write…

L1 Commerce L1 History L1 Geography Senior Social Studies L2 Media Studies
L2 Accounting Senior History L2 Geography Senior Philosophy L3 Media Studies
L3 Accounting Holocaust Studies L3 Geography The Big Questions Gaming, Literature and Media
L2 Business Studies Game On: Exploring History through Gaming Climate Change L2 Psychology   
L3 Business Studies Crafting History Education for Sustainability L3 Psychology
Young Enterprise Scheme Criminal Minds
L2 Economics
L3 Economics
L2 Art History L1-L3 Drama L2 Photography Senior Dance Sculpture
L3 Art History Senior Music (L2-3)Full Year  L3 Photography 
Senior Visual Art Guess Who?
The Art of Us

Creative Writing