Mission Statement:

“to develop an environment for sustained innovation and development of quality, online learning experiences, for anyone, anywhere across New Zealand and beyond”

Values and Principles:

The values of equity, agency, sustainability, diversity, community, innovation and excellence are central to the purpose of NetNZ. These values are put into practice through these principles:

  1. Cooperation and collaboration – doing something together, because its more beneficial than doing it on your own

  2. Open, voluntary membership – anyone can join NetNZ

  3. Democratic participation – actively participating in NetNZ activity, with a ‘voice’ in decision making processes

  4. Education & information – a commitment to the ongoing growth and development of, and communication  among, the stakeholders of NetNZ

  5. Entrepreneurialism – persistent educational and economic innovation

Primary Objectives:

  • ensure school learners have access to quality online courses that cannot be provided at their local school (particularly senior secondary courses in smaller rural schools)

  • operate as an economically and socially sustainable organisation, which maximises educational benefits members gain from finite resourcing

  • grow the range of relevant learning experiences and opportunities available to learners,  by proactively responding to emerging needs & demands

  • provide greater certainty on the availability of courses

  • employment of member eTeachers and wider community expertise

  • sustained, system-wide support and development aimed at ensuring the quality and ongoing improvement of online learning experience and practice

  • develop a culture for innovative practice in online learning by all participants in NetNZ activities

  • open, participatory communication and decision-making across the organisation

  • develop revenue generating opportunities in non-traditional markets, e.g. outside of public education, overseas markets, to support the growth and development of NetNZ and its services provided to its members