The system requirements for Google Hangouts mean that any reasonably modern computer set up will work.  Schools that wish to have a Hangout setup that is suitable for groups of students (similar to that in the image below) to use may find the following recommendation useful. It has be used successfully by several NetNZ schools.  Other conference type microphones and cameras may be equally suitable.


Jabra Speak 410 MS  about $160 – $180


Logitech C920 about $120 – $180

A dedicated setup, used exclusively for Google hangouts may be useful to some schools.  A cost effective way to do this is to combine a standard Chromebox with the above microphone and camera. The Chromebox will sit just under the TV and is connected through an HDMI cable. 

The Chromebox runs Google’s ChromeOS, is reliable, needs little maintenance and cheap.  A Chromebox costs $350 – $600.  Google’s Chromebox for Meetings has been trialled by NetNZ but offers few real advantages for schools and has an additional annual fee.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Alternatively, a laptop could be connected to the Flatscreen TV, or projected via a Chromecast.

The microphone is important and sits in the middle of the desk in a very similar way to how we have used the Polycom equipment.