This is an introduction to Asian cultures and customs, with a taster of Japanese and Korean language learning for year 5-8.

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Students will learn about the people and families, homes and lifestyles, festivals and food of these cultures. Language learning will be integrated through the course. Students will experience Asian culture in the classroom, community and in an online exchange with students from Japan and Korea.

This course is an inquiry-based learning programme in which students build their comprehension, critical thinking and communication skills. Through traditional cultural practices in Japan and Korea, students will explore their own and others identity, culture, and languages.

Expected Learning Time: 2hr per week (for one term) – a 40 min weekly VC (using Google Meet); AND about 90 minutes supported self study (using an online learning environment).

The support of the learner’s classroom teacher is recommended.

Taught by Sue Kim Logan Park High School and Midori Sasaki Southland Boys’ High School

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