A study of crime and the criminal mastermind.

A study of crime and the criminal mind. Explore the psychology behind crime. Figure out how to solve crimes using your deduction skills and put these to the test in a murder mystery.

The criminal justice system determines the guilt or otherwise of an accused, and imposes sanctions on a guilty person. But what lies behind the mind of an offender? What factors contribute to offending? In this course, you will investigate different crimes to learn about the key concepts in law. You will use theories from psychology to try to explain the behaviour of the criminal mind to an applied case.

This course mixes subject areas such as Law, Psychology, Science and English. A range of NCEA standards are applicable

This is senior course available to year 12 and 13s


Full year and Semester

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91844: Examine different psychological approaches used to explain a behaviour – 6 credits – internal

91845: Examine how a psychological debate has changed over time – 3 credits – internal

27842: Explain concepts of Law – 4 credits – internal

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