BIG SCIENCE promoVideo: BIG SCIENCE promo — by UCPhysics

What if you could dive into the nanoworld, from your own home?
How about doing real science from your bedroom?
What if we could turn New Zealand into a huge science lab?

BIG SCIENCE! – Using your home as a nation-wide lab engages curious minds throughout New Zealand to undertake country-wide, collaborative research with local and global impact.

We emphasize the importance of scientific collaboration and the value of local communities in scientific activities.

The project capitalises the privileged location of each participant, to obtain BIG SCIENCE results that only emerge from a wide and distributed network of researchers. This demonstrates the value of scientific collaboration and make kids aware of the diverse realities existing in New Zealand.

The participants construct their own scientific instruments and models to experiment in physics, material science, astronomy, atmospheric science and more! Their findings are shared with the rest of the country, in a nation-wide scientific effort to elucidate many exciting questions, some of which cannot be answered from a single location.

We use free mail-in kits, augmented reality and online platforms to deliver interactive content and hands-on experiments.

BIG SCIENCE! also allow kids to meet scientists via video conferences, ask questions and get assistance for their research. They are also invited to explore real research labs through our virtual tours, AR and VR experiences, and learn about what scientists are doing.