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Course are available by semester, term or for a full year. Students are able to take combinations of courses to make a full year of study. This enables students to create cross curricular combinations of study or opt into a full year of one subject.

2019 Course List

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Who are we?

NetNZ is a community of secondary and area schools from across New Zealand who work together to provide online learning opportunities for their students based on the New Zealand Curriculum. In 2019 membership consisted of around 62 schools across the South Island.

NetNZ’s mission statement recognises that, above all, it specialises in innovative education regardless of location:

“to develop an environment for sustained innovation and development of quality, online learning experiences, for anyone, anywhere across New Zealand and beyond.”

How does it work?

Courses usually consist of 10-20 students from 5-10 different schools across New Zealand.

Each school has an eDean who is responsible for providing on-site support for students and act as a point of contact for the teacher. Courses run using an online hub or class space which acts as the focal point for learning and interaction. These community spaces are developed by the teacher using their tool of choice – usually a google+ community. Mostcourses are fully online. Each class meets once a week using a video conference (using Google+ Hangouts) which acts as an important point of contact between teacher and students.

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