Our suggested ‘new normal’ presents significant challenges to our education system. How can New Zealand schools work together to better meet the needs of every learner? This is an open invitation workshop to school leaders who would like to know more about how a networked model of education can work for you.

When: First session 3.00 pm Thursday 30 July

Who: School Leadership interested in exploring how fully online learning programmes can supplement local curriculum, build teacher and learner capacity and develop system wide resilience

How: Online via Zoom. Sent to those who register an interest

What: We will present the key aspects of NetNZ and a Networked Schools Model of Education.

  • How does our pedagogical model work? What are the benefits?
  • How does the organisational model work? How do schools participate?
  • What does the future hold? How can we shape a future in which online learning works for the benefit of all schools, learners and whanau?

          Register your interest by following this link

To find out a bit more about NetNZ please feel free to browse the following resources:

By Darren Sudlow