Annoucing our annual Hui, to he held at Tūranga, Christchurch on December 3 and 4.

Event: NetNZ Hui

When: Thursday 3rd to Friday 4th November. 9 am start.

Location: Tūranga

Register: Follow this link to register

What: Two days of networking, connecting and developing your expertise with other online educators. Participants will drive the agenda which will focus on exploring broad themes and opportunities within the online, networked environment.

Potential Focus Areas:

  • Exploring the NetNZ Pedagogical Model
  • Developing the Learner
  • Exploring online platforms that support our model
  • NetNZ Future Focus: Strategic Developments
  • NetNZ Future Focus: ‘Journey’

Programme to be confirmed in term Four.

Participants will have travel, accommodation, and meals covered.

Our annual Hui is an important event for us every year. It is a fantastic opportunity to spend quality, focused time away from school on NetNZ specific activity. Beyond the learning, it is a chance to build relationships and connections with your NetNZ colleagues. Everyone enjoyed the retreat aspect of Dunedin last year so we are aiming for the same in Christchurch this year.

We have a fantastic venue booked, Turanga, The Christchurch Central Library in the centre of the city. Accommodation is likely to be close by at Breakfree on Cashel.

Image by: Darren Sudlow

Image by: Darren Sudlow

By Darren Sudlow