Do you have a key focus on learner well-being? Join us as we explore this important component of the VLNC Pedagogical Model

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Focus Question: How do we support learning well-being online?

Supplementary Questions:

  • What is well-being (reduce anxiety, increase positivity)?

  • What strategies can we use to support learner well-being?

  • What do we need to particularly aware of within the online context ?

Facilitors: Philippa Mallinson (Westland High School), Lynda Walsh Pasoc (Roxburgh Area School), Anne Williams (Ashburton College)

Time: 3.30pm Thursday 4 June. This is a 30 minute session with time for Q&A

Content: Learner well-being needs to be an important component in how we approach online learning. Without connection and community the environment  can be isolating. And we know the environment can amplify both positive, and negative intent. However, when used well it can be a game changer. Explore how we enable an environment that develops the learner, supports them, and considers the ways in which they can use it to make a positive difference.