We have scheduled a two-week exploration of knowledge building as a follow up to the webinar in term two. Learn about knowledge building by doing it.

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When: Monday August 5th to Friday August 16th

Who: This is a chance for anyone who wants to experience the knowledge building process. It is for a range of experience, whether completely new to it or an old hand.

What: Participants will use knowledge forum to engage in an exploration and discussion of what makes knowledge building unique. How is it different to inquiry learning? Or collaborative learning? How can we use knowledge building to help learners flourish in a complex world?

How: All participants will register an account in knowledge forum which will enable each to participate in the environment. Supporting documentation will be provided and a reading to help spark discussion. The process will be facilitated by Professor Kwok Wing Lai. This is an asynchronous activity so participants are able to engage at times that suit them.

What is Knowledge Building?

Knowledge Building promotes key principles which are designed to meet the growing need to re-imagine how schools meet the challenges described above. Scardamalia (2002) describes 12 key principles which together promote learning as a process based on curiosity, exploration and questioning, of improving ideas as a community of learners, and encouraging student ownership of the learning process and real world problem solving. It is a process that should be an integral part of the paradigm shift that needs to occur in education. It also places values such as “innovation, inquiry, and curiosity, by thinking critically, creatively, and reflectively” identified as integral to the New Zealand Curriculum, at its very centre.”

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By Darren Sudlow