How can community be developed in the online space and how can authentic learning be captured?

These are the issues that I wrestle with in my teaching practice.  I see community as totally pivotal to good online teaching, yet it is challenging to develop real community in a virtual environment where class members might be dispersed across the country. 

I see knowledge building communities as offering a relevant and innovative approach for online teachers. Knowledge Building, as I see it calls for students to work as a research team to solve authentic and emergent problems. The heart of the issue for me is how to create the space for authentic learning and inquiry, where the tail (assessment) is not wagging the dog (learning). 

In my view, online teaching has the potential to provide that space to step outside of the bounds of traditional school culture. This is what excites me about teaching.

If this resonates with you, check out my video to find out more.

By Philippa Mallinson