Tūhononga o ngā tangata mōhio ipurangi – Building capability in online learning and teaching through Networks of Expertise (NEX)

We are pleased to announce that NetNZ and the VLN Primary School, supported by the Ministry of Education,  are collaborating to develop a new Network of Expertise (NEX) for online teaching and learning.

“Networks of Expertise are curriculum, teaching and learning networks run by teachers for teachers. Support for Networks of Expertise complements locally and nationally-focussed PLD by encouraging peer-to-peer collaboration and sharing of expertise” Ministry of Education.

NEX is aimed at teachers who are teaching online in New Zealand schools, teachers who want to teach and collaborate online, and teachers who support online learners. The aim is to create a learning community that extends beyond our own organisations, where teachers are supported to lead; strengths, expertise, and practice is shared; and teachers not only connect but collaborate with others who have similar interests and needs that is specific to being an online teacher and the diverse needs of our online learners.

Through our network of expertise we can leverage our collaborative expertise, grow teacher leadership and capability, strengthen cross sector primary/secondary professional networks, and provide facilitation support and leadership.

Ministry of Education funding provides the facilitation support to establish and grow our teacher network, a range of PLD opportunities, resources and contestable funding for members. 

Activities will be driven by the needs of teachers and their learners and could focus on themes such as: 

  • pedagogies of teaching & learning online; 
  • student engagement;
  • collaborative practice; 
  • cultural responsiveness; 
  • innovative approaches; 
  • assessment in online learning. 
  • Knowledge Building

These are all foci that are unique to the online environment and to our teacher network.

Key components of NEX will be:

  • Online community engagement & PLD;
  • Special interest groups around ‘Problems of Practice;’;
  • Face to face PLD hui both regional and national;
  • Contestable funding for Inquiry Projects & Research;
  • Regular communication and sharing of resources.
    <p><b><a href="https://hail.to/nex/article/B4j2UzW">Please find out more about membership </a>and register your interest to join our network.</b>

By Rachel Whalley