NetNZ is excited to announce enrolments are open for 2019. Whether school, student, homeschooler or adult learner, our programmes are open to anyone, anywhere. Come and get involved.

We offer a broad curriculum covering years 7-13 including a number of niche areas which many schools and families find it difficult to find. Examples include Korean Studies (the only pathway available for learning Korean at a national level), Computer Science (specialising in programming), Psychology, Philosophy, Drama and many more. 

There is no limit on who can enrol or at what time. Schools can become full providing members (our programmes are largely provided by our member schools), receive as a member, or enrol learners as a non member at a slightly increased rate. You don’t have to be based in a school to enrol though, we meet a range of needs and would welcome anyone is has an interest in pursuing serious or more general study. 

Further information on enrolment is available here

Enrolments can be submitted here

Next year we will be offering a brand new project based programme for year 7-10 learners in partnership with Creative Forest Ltd.  The aim of the programme is to engage learners in a project driven approach to exploring their passions and interests, within a connected, community based online environment. It does not operate in the same way as our usual courses and works on a different cost model. 

Find out more on our Creative Forest programme here

Our full range of programmes is available through our website or here.  

By NetNZ