Kia ora my name is Oak. I am a year 11 homeschooler, and this is my first year studying with NetNZ online, I am enrolled in NetNZ’s philosophy course for 2018. I am a passionate Shakespeare fan and I love all things algebra.

NetNZ online learning has been an enjoyable and engaging experience and I have relished this experience immensely. Although I often find I struggle with learning in a classroom environment, as I have Austism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) with high anxiety, I have found that this class structure and the format of learning works fantastically for me. 

I like to take my time and reflect on things and this NetNZ class lets me do this in a wonderful way. It gives me a structure around which I can progress at my own pace, whilst still participating thoroughly in the course. The course format lets me be engaged with weekly video conferences, and having a positive and enjoyable interaction with the students both in the video conferences and outside class with the online forums. I am used to doing research based learning as a homeschooler, and for which this philosophy class guides me, in a way that I would not have found possible previously.

The support I receive from the teacher is superb, and is in a supportive and encouraging way that has given me the confidence to participate in the course and the video conferences with ease.

NetNZ has opened a new door of learning opportunities for me, for which, I am very grateful. 

By Oak Roberts