Enrolment Options

There are three main ways of obtaining enrolment places in our courses outlined below

Individual Course Enrolments

Individual placements can be purchased by students/parents or schools at a cost of $1600 (or .025 EFTT) for the year. This fee applies to schools who are not participating members of NetNZ. Schools enrolling four or more students in NetNZ courses will need a designated eDean within the school who will provide onsite support for students

Full Provider Membership

Join NetNZ and maintain membership by paying an annual subscription of $1560. Contribute to NetNZ  by offering one or more NetNZ developed courses taught by one of your teachers.  Your teacher will get the opportunity to do something innovative and develop important skills they can bring back to the classroom. You get 10 banked placements for each course you offer and pay for individual enrolments above that at a cost of $1400 (or .02 EFTT) per enrolment. You will need a designated eDean within the school who will provide onsite support for students. Ongoing PLD and support will be provided for your teacher(s) and eDean.

Receiver only Membership

Join NetNZ as a member school by paying an annual subscription of $1500 and provide your students with the chance to experience an online course without having to provide a course / teacher. Pay for each individual enrolment at a rate of $1400 (or .02EFTT).

Semester and Term Modules Length Enrolments: Schools are able to do term and semester (ie 2 term) length enrolments in many NetNZ courses (NB this is subject to available space in classes at the time; and the appropriateness of term & semester-length programmes)

The cost of semester-long course varies according to timing of enrolment:

  • Terms 1 & 2 semester cost $800 ex GST (or 0.012 EFT)
  • Terms 2 & 3 semester cost $700 ex GST (or 0.01 EFT)  
  • Terms 3 & 4 semester cost $600 ex GST (cash only)

Term modules cost $500 ex GST (or 0.008 EFT; payment by staffing transfer is only available if paid in T 1 & 2)


If you would like to make enquiries about enrolment or membership please contact [email protected] or [email protected]