There are three main ways of obtaining enrolment places in our courses.

Individual Course Enrolments

Individual placements can be purchased by students/parents or schools at a cost of $1500 (or .025 EFTT) for the year. This fee applies to schools who are not participating members of NetNZ. Schools enrolling four or more students in NetNZ courses will need a designated eDean within the school who will provide onsite support for students

Full Provider Membership

Become a full member of NetNZ by contributing the annual subscription of $1000 and a teacher(s).  Teaching a fully online course is a unique experience that will enable your teacher(s) to develop important expertise that can be implemented in a face to face setting and shared with other staff.

Members receive 10 banked placements for each course / teacher they offer and pay for individual enrolments above that at a cost of $1200 (or .02 EFTT) per enrolment (for a full year course). Purchase of additional placements are an integral part of the NetNZ model of exchange and provides us with an important funding contribution while schools receive the benefits of meeting students need. Schools also need a designated eDean who provides the onsite support for students. Ongoing PLD and support will be provided for your teacher(s) and eDean.

Receiver only Membership

Join NetNZ as a member school by paying the annual subscription of $1000 and purchase individual places at a rate of $1200 (or .02 EFTT) per enrolment (for a full year course). This options provides some flexibility for schools who have low numbers of enrolments or cannot find a suitable teacher.



If you would like to make enquiries about enrolment or membership please fill out the form and submit