NetNZ is a large community of secondary and area schools who work together to provide online programmes of learning based on the New Zealand Curriculum. 

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All our programmes are now open for enrolment

What do we do?

We offer a variety of online programmes of learning for anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Korean Studies

We provide a full language pathway in Korean

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One of our most popular programmes

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New for 2018. A multi-level course for senior students

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Creative Forest

Project-based learning online

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Offered in partnership with IT industry giant, Datacom

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Performance Music

Personalised programme for seniors students (L1-3)

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Chinese (Mandarin)

Increasingly popular and important language to New Zealanders

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All courses

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How does it work?

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By harnessing technology and the internet all our schools are able to share teachers across the community. This enables the provision of another layer of curriculum on top of what schools already offer locally and provides enormous flexibility and opportunity for our students. This means students are able to access rich learning opportunities, anywhere, anytime, and provides a natural context for developing digital literacy skills.

Most of our contributing schools contribute at least one teacher (sometimes more), and an eDean who provides onsite support for students enrolled in our courses. The provision of a teacher gives schools 10 enrolments places which they can use how they wish. Further places are purchased on top of this. Some schools choose to receive only, which means they do not provide a teacher an purchase places on an individual basis.

Our courses are also open to anyone outside of NetNZ, whether students from a non-NetNZ school, home schools, international students or adult learners.

All courses are delivered using a mix of online technologies, largely based around the google apps suite of tools, and include a weekly video conference session using google+ hangouts.

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