Connecting students with an extensive and exciting array of programmes based on the NZ Curriculum

NetNZ provides learning opportunities by connecting teachers and students across schools

Learners work with teachers who are passionate about their subjects and use evidence based online teaching methods to engage and educate students from various schools.  Our programmes are open to anyone in or outside of NetNZ, whether students from a non-NetNZ school, home schools, international students or adult learners.

Why Students engage in Networked Learning

  • It has never been easier to access programmes that interest you – Connect to an extensive and exciting array of programmes based on the NZ Curriculum

  • Learn to take greater ownership of your learning and develop skills that are essential for our modern world

  • Learn from excellent, local teachers located across our network of schools

  • Learn in a supported environment that blends online learning with your local school

  • Connect with like-minded students across New Zealand

Why Schools engage in Networked Learning

  • Connect your students to a broad, engaging array of programmes provided by our network of schools

  • Strengthen your local community by providing a rich, diverse curriculum

  • Prepare your students for a ‘connected’ world by developing digital citizenship in a safe, managed online environment

  • Develop teacher capability in Networked Learning, a ‘people’ focused approach to online learning


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